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Your feed to kpop addiction
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Welcome to kpop_beats ! A place for all your Korean pop (kpop) addiction!

This community provides everything regarding both the latest and old kpop. Anyone is free to post the following:
1. Latest news about any of kpop artists.
2. Fanfics (NO YAOI!)
3. Fanarts
4. Graphics (icons, layouts, macros)
5. Questions about any kpop artists
6. Topics regarding any kpop artists

Note that you must always stay on topic (kpop music related only!)

1. youandme_94 

1. okimiyage  for the journal layout
2. ribbonized  for the profile layout

Any member planning to post here must have read these rules!

1. Stay on the topic! (kpop music related only!)
2. Only 1 post per member per day.
3. Fanfics must include Title, Author, Characters, Rating and Summary. The rest must be under a cut
4. Credit and comment whenever taking anyone's work!
5. Absolutely no bashing!
6. Icons must be under a cut, showing only 3-4 icons for preview.
7. TAG ALL YOUR POSTS! When tagging, it must state who the artist is (eg. artist: super junior). For fanfics (eg. fanfic: dbsk). For fanarts (eg. fanart: beast) and so on...
8. and ENJOY~!

These rules are not hard to follow, so please keep the community nice and neat. (:


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