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20 July 2010 @ 01:56 pm
Wedding Dress - Taeyang (Parody)  

Name: Wedding Dress
Artist: Taeyang (from Big Bang)
Notes: Firstly, I do not intened to offend anyone. I'm not a Big Bang hater or anything! So just take this as a joke or for fun. I do not own the video, just the fake subtitles. It's fake! Meaning it's not the real meaning of the song. I love Taeyang, he's not gay! Okay, so this is my first ever parody. It's lame, I know. But hopefully I'll get better...
About my youtube channel (youandme0104)... I haven't uploaded this video there... I'm kinda having trouble... But anyways, it's here now.. ^^,

View the Wedding Dress Parody here.

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