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29 June 2010 @ 03:07 pm
Kim Hyun Joong to leave his agency, DSP entertainment?!  

Kim Hyun Joong, best know for his role in Boys Over Flowers as JiHoo and an SS501 member, was reported that he would be leaving his agency, DSP Entertainment, once his contract is over.  “Kim Hyun Joong has decided not to renew his contract with DSP Entertainment. … He will move to another agency.

This guy is most likely going to end up focusing on the acting career.
Many SS501 fans were devastated when they heard of this news.
What happens to the rest of the members of SS501??
Will they end up to be like Super Junior, who will continue without complete members?

I'm still unsure of why he would do so...
If you have any comments or information about this, please do comment on this post to be shared to other SS501 fans. (:

Lets just all cross our fingers and hope that this is not the end of SS501. ;_________________;

[source: allkpop.com]

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